Featured Hunts

Mexico Goulds

$2,000 includes permits, paperwork, licenses, gun permits, guides, lodging, meals, and transportation during the hunt. This trip is 4 days of hunting and 1 day on each end for travel. We have the Best ranches in Mexico for the 5th Leg of your World Slam of Wild Turkeys. The hunting starts the third week in April and runs into the middle of June. The best dates go quickly, book now!

Big Eastern Gobblers

Hunt the Best state in the country for Big Eastern Gobblers. The hunt is $200 per day with a 3 day minimum. We have the best turkey hunting available and guides who have completed their World Slam. We have taken two Gobblers that scored in the Top 10 in the NWTF Records. Includes guiding, transportation during the hunt, decoys, calling, blinds, and bird cleaning. Does not include meals, lodging or license.  Many references in the NWTF. Season starts the third Monday of April, and runs 3 weeks.

Snow Geese

Spring Snow Goose hunts over 2,000 decoys. We follow the migration and do hunts in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota, during the spring conservation season. We hunt over quality decoys with electronic callers and a trained Labrador.

The hunts run $200 per hunter for a full day of hunting and $100 per hunter for 1/2 day hunts. All hunters will experience putting out and assisting in picking up the decoy spread. Contact us for required license in each state. The spring season allows no bag limits, no possession limits, no plug in your gun and the use of electronic callers. Come and experience one of the most exciting experiences in waterfowling today.

Coues Deer Hunts in Old Mexico

Coues Deer Hunts in Old Mexico in January during the peak of the rut, Boone & Crockett Quality Bucks, come and hunt the Gray Ghost of the Desert.  Once you get Coues Fever you will want to hunt them every year, one of North America's Best Deer Hunts.  Can be combined with Desert Mule Deer and Javelina.

Ocellated Turkey

Ocellated Turkey in the Jungles of Southern Mexico, one of the 6 legs of a World Slam of Wild Turkeys as recognized by the NWTF, can be combined with Brocket Deer, Curasow, Crested Guan.

Merriams Gobblers Out West

Merriams Gobblers Out West, considered the best looking of all the Turkey Species in the US, one my favorite spring turkey hunts, very vocal, beautiful habitat, and plenty of birds, and sometimes not the smartest, great combination.

Woodland Caribou, Eastern Canada Moose and Black Bear in Newfoundland

Woodland Caribou, Eastern Canada Moose and Black Bear in Newfoundland, remote fly in camp in one of the most stable areas for Woodland Caribou on the island, with one of the densest populations of Moose anywhere in North America.  Included are meals, lodging, guiding, trophy care, licenses and flight into the remote camp and return to Gander, NL.

Desert Mule Deer in Old Mexico

Desert Mule Deer in Old Mexico, great ranches, Fantastic Bucks, Hunt the Big Bucks of the Desert, can be combined with Coues and Javelina, then get in on some of the best Predator calling for coyotes you will ever experience. Hunt Big Mulies during the peak of the rut in January.