Experience Trophies

Awarded 2005 Grand National Champion 1st Place Whitetails Open Mouth Masters Division and 2005 Grand National Champion Judges Choice Best of Show in the 2005 National Wild Turkey Taxidermy Competition at the NWTF 29th Annual National Convention and Sport Show in Nashville, TN.

Grizzly won the coveted President’s Award for 2003 with the North American Hunting Club. Their highest award, it was voted as the best trophy taken in 2003 in North America. It is given to “the hunter who defies the odds and elements and takes a unique trophy on the hunt of a lifetime”. See article featured in the August, 2004, issue of the North American Hunter magazine.

Grizzly won a top 3 invite to Boone & Crockett’s 25th Award Period for 2001-2003. Boone & Crockett score 26 6/16″ B&C. Since June, 2004, this has been on display at Cabela’s in Kansas City, KS.

Central Barrenground Caribou that won 2nd Place in the 3 year Awards Period for Boone & Crockett held in Reno, Nevada.

World Record Eastern Gobbler recognized by the NWTF.
1st Place in NAHC Firearms Division for a Coues Deer taken in Chihuahua, Mexico.
3 Boone & Crockett bucks.
Completed North American Deer Slam.
Completed North American Caribou Slam which have all qualified for the Record Books.
Completed World Slam of Wild Turkeys, taking all 4 species here in North America, both species in Mexico, as well as in New Zealand. 40 + were taken with archery equipment.

3/4 Slam of North American Sheep, needing only the Rocky Mountain Bighorn to complete.
Took a Top 10 Boone & Crockett Muskox.
Took a Non-Typical Whitetail that was hunted for 2 years.


Winner, 1st Place and Best of Category, Whitetail Heads, World Taxidermy Competition.
Won World Taxidermy Championships for Whitetail Deer Heads.


Personally researched 100’s of outfitters worldwide.
Published several magazine articles.
Host to various TV and Outdoor writer celebrities.
Hosted hunts for various sports celebrities.
Given a Lifetime membership to the NWTF for donating more turkey hunts to chapter fundraisers nationwide.

Won 4th Place with the NWTF for signing up the most new members in the United States.
Have hunted Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and all over North America.
Assist many clients yearly to the Outdoor Adventure of a Lifetime.
Consultant to several different manufacturers on products used in the Hunting Industry.
Introduced my 2 children to the world of hunting.
Avid sportsman, proficient and knowledgeable with all hunting weapons, rifle, muzzleloader, and archery, having managed a high volume retail archery store for 2 years.