Custom Gun Teflon Coating

We can customize your gun with a Custom Gun Teflon Coating. Using a process that has been tested 500 hours in salt brine, we can Teflon coat any gun or hunting accessory to make it less vulnerable to rust, corrosion, etc. This coating will ensure you achieve a smooth operation with your hunting equipment.

Available in Black Matte or Green Matte Finish. All internal gun parts except the inside of the barrel will be coated, including Scope Rings and Bases, Internal Screws, and Springs.

Never worry again about wiping down your gun again while on a hunting trip. This coating is THE BEST, and impervious to all elements. This coating will make a gun look virtually brand new.

Price: $195 per gun + S&H.

Picture is Benelli Super Black Eagle with Black Matte Teflon Finish that has been on the gun over 5 years.